Gummi Tillmann

Production Portfolio

Production of pressed and moulded articles made of foam rubber, hard rubber and cork rubber blends

Articles for the foot & ankle orthopaedics / medical care sectors
  • Pads, such as kidney-shaped pads, T-shaped pads, anatomical pads, heart-shaped pads and Toe straighteners
  • Wedges of all kinds, such as supination wedges, longitudinal arch wedges and Heel pads
  • Wide variety of insoles / footbeds, such as cork blanks, foam rubber splay foot supports with velveteen cover (in a wide choice of colours)
  • Technical moulded rubber parts of all kinds

Combined rubber & metal or rubber & textile products on request

All articles can be produced in different hardness grades and colours.

About us

Gummi-Tillmann manufactures pressed and moulded goods. Since the company was founded in 1945, we have worked in the B2B sector, producing articles for a wide variety of business areas.


Most of our customers work in the fields of foot and ankle orthopaedics / medical care or in the manufacture of orthopaedic shoes.

For many years now, our clientele has included the most successful companies and market leaders in the above sectors.

We use both our customers’ own tools and moulds to produce exclusive articles made exactly to the customer’s specifications, as well as our own tools and moulds.

We also market our own product range (see examples of orthopaedic products) of special moulded parts for use in the fields of foot and ankle orthopaedics, medical care and orthopaedic shoes.

We supply and manufacture products on behalf of customers all over the world.

Gummi-Tillmann can draw upon experience acquired from decades of cooperation with numerous customers.

For more than 60 years, our company has been a byword for meticulously manufactured, top quality products.

We constantly endeavour to satisfy the wishes and requirements of our customers as exactly as possible and to cultivate longstanding business relationships on a basis of mutual trust in the interests of creating a win-win situation for both sides, thus substantiating our claim to be an expert partner and reliable player within the supply chain.

Our day-to-day business is based on decades of close cooperation with our customers, most of whom have their items produced by our company as exclusive, made-to-order articles, and on ongoing consultation with our business partners.

Contact us to benefit from our years of experience and profound expertise.


Gummi-Tillmann has set itself the target of being the optimum partner for our customers thanks to permanent optimisation of our product quality, continuous improvement of our quality capacity and services, and by paying strict attention to cost effectiveness.

Made-to-Order Production

Do you require moulded rubber parts? Do you have insufficient capacities or is the production of small batches unprofitable for your company?

We produce exclusive, made-to-order moulded parts of all kinds on behalf of our customers and according to your specifications, also in small batches.

Make the most of our expertise.
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"Katalog Orthopädiebedarf"